Her name is no coincidence. Raised in the Bordeaux region of France, Joie, a former fashion model turned fashion designer, is the physical embodiment of joy.


Fearless, curious, well-traveled, adventurous, and spontaneous, Joie embraces the world and everyone in it. If she’s not dancing and twirling across her living room floor, she’s organizing an impromptu dinner party or jotting down ideas for a new creative venture or stopping to pet a neighbor’s dog while strolling through Lower Manhattan.

But once Joie hit her thirties, she found herself craving a little more balance to her exuberant lifestyle. So EVA Society worked with her to create a Map of Opportunities.


Her Map indicated that she needed to live high above the ground, where she could enjoy sweeping views of the city without being distracted by the hustle and bustle on the street. An airy three-bedroom in a Tribeca high-rise turned out to be just the right place.

The expansive space encourages movement—a flow of energy, ideas, and people—but it’s underpinned by a sense of purpose and newfound maturity. A Serpentine sofa by Vladimir Kagan encourages conviviality when friends gather at her apartment, while neutral upholstery creates a harmonious connection with the busy cityscape 32 floors below. 


A pair of marble tables and sculptural objects offer natural contrast and strength, while also serving as a grounding force for Joie’s vivacious spirit.


The generous use of green in the kitchen references the natural world, while the polished copper accents create a modern counterpoint to the softer palette of the living room. The clean white walls balance the whole for a refreshing, calming effect.


Joie resists monotony and routine in every aspect of her life—including romance. And this is evident in the bedroom’s rich, sensuous ultramarine-blue velvet furnishings, which are tantalizing and mysterious. Scarlet walls, warm wooden floors, and gold accents are the sparks that light the fuse of the Lover’s energy, as interpreted by the Tarot. The overall effect is one of freedom, whimsy, and passion, balanced by an open mind and generous heart—much like Joie herself.


Thomas is granted to have whatever he chooses, to be whatever he will.


Thomas is the quintessential British aristocrat, with a long and distinguished pedigree. Having been brought up in a countryside estate, he now manages his family’s considerable real estate holdings and investments, and is an undisputed factor in their continued financial success. Unfortunately, like many other British aristocrats of his generation, Thomas often chafes at what he sees as the overly formal traditions, responsibilities, and expectations of his family. He has a particularly complicated relationship with his father.


At 40-something, Thomas is handsome, single, and loves to entertain friends with parties, informal gatherings, and impromptu concerts at his grand piano. He’s quite an accomplished player, and in fact, loves art and beauty of all description. He longs to live a more authentic life—one that allows his creative, spontaneous, and passionate side to flourish. But his father’s rigid, inflexible rules—indeed, the rules of aristocratic society overall—made this impossible.


Thomas moved from London to New York, where he bought a penthouse and commissioned EVA Society to design a residence that feels liberating and inspiring—a place where Thomas finally felt free to be himself.

The “Map of Opportunities” we created for Thomas embraced his desire for beauty. It also revealed the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy, virility and intuition, and cool elegance with warm sensuality.


The open-concept layout and modular furniture allow the space to be reconfigured as needed to accommodate different-sized groups or different occasions. It also allows the energy to flow unimpeded through the loft—whether Thomas is hosting a party, or just enjoying a quiet evening at home. 


Sleek surfaces like marble, lacquered wood, and chrome paired with Thomas’s collection of bronze objets d’arts communicate his virility, while satisfying his taste for elegance and refinement. The dark palette serves as a stunning backdrop for the warm orange modular sofa, but it also creates a comforting womb-like environment, honoring the Cosmic Mother who nurtures our deepest intuitions.

EVA Society honored our client’s prodigious musical talent by designing a theater-like alcove for his beloved grand piano. The design elements for this special feature include black wings, a checkerboard ceiling that echoes the sliding scenery-panel mechanisms used in theaters, and oak panels with ornate metallic designs.


How did Thomas react to EVA Society’s design? He gave us a standing ovation, and then plopped down on his comfortable orange sofa. It’s good to feel at home, isn’t it?