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EVA Society is a creative consultancy unlike any other.

Drawing from disparate influences—ancient scholarship, spirituality, and scientific principles—the studio guides clients through a singular process of discovery with one goal in mind: To create an environment that captures their true identity and brings beauty into their lives.


At its most basic, a home shelters us from the elements and provides us a safe place to sleep.

Home is where we eat, love, learn, play, laugh, grieve, and celebrate. Home is where we live. And these days, it’s often where we work, too.


Yet when we begin to see the home as an extension of ourselves, it takes on new meaning. Our surroundings become more than physical; they bring vitality and energy. They provide us with the stimuli to thrive, evolve and perfect our lives at higher levels.


Using concepts drawn from ancient human wisdom, quantum physics, and a little common sense, EVA Society has developed a process for identifying your deepest needs and desires, and then fulfilling them through design: Color. Light. Shape. Material. Texture. Flow.


EVA Society brings a sense of empowerment to the home with a service that helps clients realize the space that is destined for them and only them. We invite you to explore our design philosophy here.

Home is our primary tool of orientation in the world.

Juhani Pallasmaa